Health Unit 1977


Submitted by Lois Sheplawy

Services to Elk Point and surrounding area are still being provided from the sub-office in Elk Point. The basic program, as outlined in the original book, are still functional with a few additional programs that have since been introduced, primarily, the Home Care Program.

With the introduction of the Home Care Program in Alberta the service will be funneled through the Health Units throughout the province. We are now looking into the future in providing not only a preventive existing program but also a follow-up treatment/preventative program thru Home Care. It is hoped that the Home Care Program will alleviate the present strain now existing in hospitals by reducing the length of time patients need hospitalization.

Home Care will include referrals from family doctors as well as other related allied health agencies. Services in this program will include homemakers, treatment and injections by doctors, referrals and physiotherapy, where available. As the program progresses, additional services will be added.