United Church after 1941

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In 1941 Rev. A.D. Pringle was our minister. He stayed for six years. He was an elderly man, a keen curler, and was largely instrumental, along with David Nelson, in getting the sport of curling underway in Elk Point. His wife was an accomplished soprano soloist.

Rev. W.N. Blackmore served as pastor from 1947 to 1949. In 1947 he organized a young people's group. Firstly, it was aimed at broadening Bible studies and secondly the social events taught one to get along in groups. It was a busy, happy gang of young people (of all denominations) that enjoyed hayrides, tobogganing parties and the more serious Bible studies. The following participated in these young peoples' activities:
Evelyn Bartling, Art Vaughan, Liz Soldan, Doris Weigerinck, Eugene Dembicki, Joyce Milholland, Donald Boos, Barry Keck, Anne McDonell, Gertrude Keck, David Didow, Philip Sheplawy, Ed Soldan, Bill Schpley, Evangeline Scraba, Helen Prusak

During the next two years the church was supplied spasmodically from St. Paul by Rev. Russell Beairsto and Rev. FA. Fee. Then we had a resident lay preacher, Mr. Robert Smith, an earnest Christian worker who unfortunately died of a heart attack shortly after an evening service. Mr. Harry Day, Anglican deacon, filled in for us many times when no minister of our own church was available.

In 1952, Mr. and Mrs. Wellwood Adam came to Elk Point from England and gave this congregation wonderful spiritual leadership until 1956. He was a lay preacher wnen he came, and left us to complete his studies at St. Stephen's College. He was ordained from there.


Elk Point United Church Choir 1955

Back Row: Dr. K.C. Miller, D. Schwiencker, Mrs C Johnson, Miss May Mah,

Middle Row: Dr. F.G. Miller, Miss M. Jacobson, Miss Marcella Sakowsky, Miss Mary Scraba, Mrs. F.G. Miller - Organist

Front Row: Mrs. Adams, Miss Louise Sakowsky, Miss Ann Pelechosky, Miss Shirley Quin