Prairie Fires: 1910


Prairie and timberland fires were of great concern to the early settlers. Causes of these fires have been investigated, and it has nearly always been found that they were started in one of three ways:

1. Freighters and travellers throw matches into the grass along the trail or neglect to put out their camp-fires and smudges.

2. Settlers clearing land allow fires to get away when burning brush.

3. Fires escape from settlers burning hay meadows.

In 1910, the government of Canada prepared a pamphlet of advice to settlers regarding the (Handling of Fire). This pamphlet outlined the method of fighting different types of fires, and in reporting fires to the nearest fire guardian at once, also the amount of fines, from $25 to $200, for neglect in burning or not reporting a fire.

In May, 1910 a prairie fire destroyed the new store of J. Valentine at Hopkins Crossing, one example of someone's neglect.