FG Miller High School 1977


School started on January 3, 1977 after Christmas recess.

In the New Year, two changes in staff occurred - (Mrs.) Jeanne Lepine took over the business education teaching duties after the resignation of Mr. Bert Mortenson. Mr. Ken Neilsen of Sundre, Alberta took over the special education position in the junior high school upon the resignation of (Mrs.) Gail Dick.


BACK ROW, Left to Right: Ron Onusko, Linda Drinnan, Ken Neilsen, Harry Uniat, John Cabaj, Ray Hellquist.

MIDDLE ROW: Blaine Easthope, Kazmir Lazicki, Sid Holthe, Ken Bucyk, Lawrence Pidluzny, Albert Boratynec.

FRONTROW: Jan Srinivasan, Mary Ann Joly, Margaret Modin.



BACK ROW, Left to Right: Oliver Noel, Bob Cheshire, Robert Bouchard.

FRONT ROW: Bob Smith, Deputy Reeve; John Drobot, Reeve; John Zenko.

In February, the annual North East Teachers' Convention was held in Edmonton at the Plaza Hotel. The convention theme was "Return to the Basics". The guest speaker was Mr. Harry Wong, a dynamic classroom teacher from California.

May was highlighted by graduation in the high school and attendance at St. Paul Arts Festival for the junior high classes.

In June, 1977, the junior high began the transfer of books and equipment from the old junior high building to the high school. The last couple of days of junior high classes were held in the senior high school gymnasium.

Mr. Sid Holthe resigned the principalship of F. G. Miller High effective the end of June. Mr. Hoithe was principal from 1969 to 1977. He is presently Guidance and Career Counselor at the F. G. Miller High School. The new principal is P. Matveyenko.


First Annual Christmas Student Staff Dinner, F. G. Miller High School, 1977.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Kiara Montalbetti, Harry Uniat, Audrey Hubbard, Lawrence Pidluzny, K. Lazicki, Ken Neilsen, Sid Holthe, Principal Phil Matveyenko, onstage.


Submitted by Klara Montalbetti

The new school year started on Monday, August 29, 1977 with the students coming in the morning for registration only, and the afternoon being devoted to teacher preparation and a staff meeting. The total enrollment was 282.

This year the junior high school was moved to the F. G. Miller building and the old junior high school (small windows and all!) is now the Early Childhood Services Building, although the High School Resources Room is located in this building because of lack of space at F. G. Miller.

Mr. Phil Matveyenko (from the Northwest Territories) is the new principal and Mr. Harry Uniat (on staff since September 1959) and Mr. Kazmir Lazicki (on staff since September 1957 and coming here from Heinsburg are assistant principals. New on staff are (Mrs.) Audrey Hubbard (coming here from Whitecourt, Alberta and teaching commercial subjects), and (Mrs.) Klara Montalbetti (Resource Room teacher coming here from Cardston, Alberta).

Others on staff:

Albert Boratynec 1961 Lake Eliza, Alta.
Ken Bucyk 1975 Edmonton, Alta.
John Cabaj 1974 Ardmore, Alta.
Linda Drinnan May 1975 Calgary, Alta.
Blame Easthope 1971 Utah State Univ.
Ray Hellquist 1965 Lindbergh, Alta.
Sid Holthe 1958 Elk Point, Alta.
Mary Ann Joly 1974 Mallaig, Alta.
Ken Neilsen Jan.1977 Sundre, Alta.
Ron Onusko 1969 Iron River, Alta.
Lawrence Pidluzny 1974 Vilna, Alta.
Jan Srinivasan 1975 Two Hills, Alta.

(Mrs) Margaret Modin is the secretary and (Mrs.) Rilla Higgins is the library clerk. Wednesday afternoon, August 31, Margaret Modin hosted a coffee party at her home for the ladies on staff and for staff wives and other invited guests to introduce the new comers to the old timers.

The evening of Friday, September 9, the elementary and high school staffs invaded the Matveyenko residence for a "Welcome Here" and house warming party. On Friday, October 21, the schools were closed so that teachers could attend the Professional Development Day at St. Paul. The theme was Children Concern Community. Father Lucien Larre was the keynote speaker. Very inspiring' On Tuesday, November 8 the students once again had a day off, as parents were invited to come to school to pick up their children's report cards and to meet their children's teachers. There was an excellent turn out.


Volunteer Pins are presented to High School students for their volunteer work through the Work Fxperience Program.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Swedgan, Brenda Suvak, Joanne Ference, (Mrs.) Ruth Vogel, Hospital Auxiliary President.

Friday, November 25 was Awards Night. There was a good turn out of guests and most of the award winners were there.

The administration and Margaret treated the staff to some tasty Christmas goodies after the staff meeting December 14.

On Thursday, December 22 we had a combined elementary-high school staff Christmas party at the Elks Hall. Unfortunately there were furnace problems and it was rather chilly, but the meal was good and Santa Phil and his helper did an excellent job.

Friday, December 23 was the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. The staff hosted and served a Christmas dinner for the students and invited guests. Ron Onusko was the chairman for this event and everybody pitched in and helped. The staff appreciated the generous donations which made this dinner possible. It is hoped that it will become an annual event.


STUDENT'S UNION F.G. MILLER HIGH SCHOOL January 1977--December 1977

by Sandra Babcock

The following are some of the items recorded in the Minute Book:

EXECUTIVE: (Sept., 1976 to June, 1977)

President-John Hutton
Vice-President-Joanne Ference
Secretary-Wendy Yaremkevich
Treasurer-Monica Schuhmacher
Committee Convenor-Roxie Berg
Social Convenor-Shane Radies
Sports Convenor-Leigh Babcock
Advertising-Cindy Aarbo


12a EugeneBuck
12b Rick Buksa
lIa SandraBabcock
llb BrendaJenkins
lOa Murray Aarbo
9a Terry Mistol
9b Mitchell Zarowny

YEARBOOK EDITORS: Sandra Babcock Cindy Mudryk
CO-EDITORS: Audrey Holliday Debbie Gozjolko
STAFF ADVISOR: Mr. L. Pidluzney

January 14, 1977--The graduating class held a decorating meeting and selected the colors blue and white for this year's decorations. The back wall was to be a mural of a sunset with "Long Ago Tomorrow", the theme, written on it.

March 15, 1977--On March 15, the Senior Girls Basketball team is to play the OK Radio Sore Thumbs. Marie Chubey suggested the team go around to get sponsors,-so much for each point.

May 31, 1977 - (Mrs.) Ruth Vogel presented pins to Brenda Suvak, Diane Swedgan and Joanne Ference for volunteer work at the hospital through the school's Work Experience program.


Senior Girls Basketball Players: Marie Chubey, Debbie Zenko, Myrna Seal, Cindy Aarbo, Sandra Ockerman, Heather Radies, Andrea Lorenson, Brenda Jenkins


Played in an interlocking league, losing only one game in ten.

Zones in Mannville: March 12, 1977 First game--won against Vermilion Final game--won against Mannville

Provincials in Picture Butte, March 18-19, 1977

First game--won against Peace River,Second game--lost to Picture Butte, Third game--won against Trochu Valley,

The Senior Girls' Basketball team placed third in the province in the AA competitions.

Badminton Singles--Bruce Jacobson and Jay Evans went to Zones.

Track and Field--Regionals Ken Ference--l 10 meter hurdles--Intermediate Tony Bochon--high jump--Juniors


President-Donna Lesyk
Vice-President-Randy Ballas
Secretary-Heather Radies
Treasurer-Maureen Stewart
Social Convenor-Cindy Mudryk
Committee Convenor-Bonnie Smereka
Sports Convenor-Mitchell Zarowny
Advertising Director-Pam Dikeman


Roxie Berg, Daniel Sribney, Ken Ference, Tom Seal, Harvey Derewynka, Murry Neilsen, Darrell Didow, Connie Chubey, Aurelia Moneta, Richard Nelson, Mark Hellquist, Wendy Mudryk, Darlene Day, Karen Kozicki, Jeanette Wutzke


Mr. Uniat outlined a new three-step system for the Students' Union:

1. Finance--Donna Lesyk, head Mr. Uniat, advisor


Showing the twelve traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes at a dinner prepared by grades seven to nine.

F. G. Miller High School.

2. Social-- Cindy Mudryk, head, Mr. Bucyk, advisor
3. Sports--Mitchell Zarowny, head, Mr. Cabaj, advisor

Nov.24, 1977--Grad Meeting:

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and choose colors for the 1978 graduation. The majority was in favor of American Beauty and white.

Dec. 22,1977:

The teachers and Mrs. Modin put on a Christmas dinner for all of the students from grades 7 to 12. Guests were the bus drivers, the superintendent, the mayor, and various other representatives from other groups. The meal was a great success