HISTORY OF THE O.O.R.P. NO.2691supptext78_67.gif

by Viginia Pankiw


Order of the Royal Purple


The O.O.R.P. Lodge No.269 was inaugurated on July 10, 1961, by Past Supreme Honored Royal Lady Phoebe McCullough, with thirty -five charter members: Velma Andrishak, Donna Aarbo, Ida Aarbo, Norma Berg, Lenora Bjornstad, Mary Bochon, Phyllis Boos, Marie Buck, Helga Cousineau, Linda Dennison, Tillie Eliuk, Dorothea Ewoniak, Annette Gregoraschuk, Lynne Rylance, Pearl Vaughan, Nikki Riemer, Lynn Young, Ann Robinson, Olga Pankiw, Alice Young, Sophie Mulak, Leona Thygeson, Helen Rosychuk, Virginia Pankiw, Emily Zarowny, Mary Kryvenchuk, Dorothea Siler, Susan Shewchuk, Rosalin Sumislawsky, Vicky Sheplawy, Enna Yewchin, Jean andFlorence McGinnis.

The first slate of officers that were installed: Honored Royal Lady - Lady Phyllis Boos, Associate Royal Lady -Lady Mary Bochon, Royal Lady - Lady Dorothea Siler, Lecturing Lady - Lady Leona Thygeson, Secretary - Lady Lynn Young, Treasurer - Lady Kay Rylance, First Year Trustee -Lady Dorothea Ewoniak. Second Year Trustee - Lady Pearl Vaughan, Third Year Trustee - Lady Nikki Riemer, Historian - Lady Donna Aarbo, Chaplain - Lady Florence Lorenson, Conductress - Lady Rosalin Sumislowski, Inner Guard -Lady Lynne Rylance, Outer Guard - Lady Alice Young, Pianist - Lady Velma Andrishak.

The first members to be initiated into the lodge were Pauline Maslak, Letha Ramsbottom and Mary Zapemiuk. For the first six years regular meetings were held in the Legion Hall until the Elks Community Hall was built in 1967.

The aims and purposes of the Order are the four principles in our daily living: With Justice to and for all, Charity to those less fortunate, Love in our every action, and Fidelity promoting loyalty and faithfulness, we can never go astray.

Our National Objective is the Elk Purple Cross Fund and Deaf Detection and Development program. Many are mothers and can fully appreciate the work that is being done for Canadian children and youth. Some of our annual contributions to the community are a baby's layette to the New Year's baby, a scholarship award, assistance to fire victims, the distribution of fruit baskets to shut-ins, the organization of the T.B. X-ray clinic and cancer fund canvassing, and the preparation of Christmas hampers for the needy. We donated $500 to the Intensive Care Unit for the hospital, a color T.V. for the new hospital and a stereo to Buckingham House. To date the biggest project was helping the Brother Elks build the Elks' Community Hall. Most of our finances are raised by catering for banquets.The following have served as Past Honored Royal Lady: Phyllis Boos, Mary Bochon, Dorothea Ewoniak, Florence Lorenson, Helen Matlock, Caroline Shankowsky, Verna Lazicki, Mari McGill, Virginia Pankiw, Lenora Bjornstad Lillian Ewasiuk, Lena Stepa.