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by O. Hunt

Our Masonic year starts in September and we meet once a month, the fourth Thursday. Emergency meetings may be called when needed. The officers for the current year are as follows: W. Bro. N. L. Warren, Worshipful Master; Bro. Allan Berg, Senior Warden; W. Bro. M. A. Willmer, Immediate Past Master; Bro. K. M. Palamarek, Junior Warden; Bro. Paul Stepa, Treasurer; W. Bro. 0. Hunt, Secretary; Bro. Arthur Berg, Chaplain; Bro. John Zayonce, Senior Deacon; Bro. Edward Pankiw, Junior Deacon; W. Bro. D. Didow, Registrar; W. Bro. Thomas Melnyk, Director of Ceremonies; Bro. Bill Schuhmacher, Steward; Bro. Jack Corless, Steward; W. Bro. Edward W. Soldan, Tyler.

This Lodge contributes to the Higher Education Bursary Fund which is administered by Grand Lodge, sponsors a child's education in Turkey, and offers an award to a deserving student of the F. G. Miller High School for musical ability. One festive event was held during the year, namely, St. George's Ladies' Night, composed of an hour for refreshments, then a banquet followed by dancing.

The year ends with the installation of the new officers, then recesses during July and August.

This year, 1978, St. George's Lodge will be celebrating its 25th anniversary during the annual St. George's Ladies' Night, April 22. Eight charter members, namely, Herbert Ayres, R. E. Beattie, Paul Petrosky, N. E. Stanley, Paul Stepa, L. W. Sumpton, R. J. Tredger, J. D. Williams and thirteen members will be receiving 25 year pins.