Rev Reg Smith

by A. J. Bartling1reftext77_1_13.gif

Rev. Reg Smith was one of the finest men in the Elk Point area. He would so willingly help anyone. I did not know Reg. too well, but one fall I had finished cutting the crop on the McNitt farm, and after I did part of the stooking, I took sick with sore throat. Dr. Miller Sr. came out and said, "You have to stay in bed. You have quinsy bad." I don't know how Rev. Smith found out about me being sick but the next morning he came to our place and said, "I am going to finish the stooking for you. You won't be in any shape to work for some time." He did a good job. I thought the stooks would fall down, but not so. Mr. Smith was a fine stooker, I never did find out where he had learned to stook so well. We were very sorry to hear of Rev. Reg Smith passing away in British Guiana, of typhoid.