Agricultural Society 1977

1supptext78_40.gifAGRICULTURAL SOCIETY 1977

The beginning of another year! The annual meeting of Elk Point and District Agricultural Society was held on Tuesday, November 18, 1976 at the F. G. Miller High School Library at 8:00 p.m. Twelve members were present. The nominating committee consisted of Ronald Flanders, George Anderson and Faye Smith. The following members were nominated to serve on the executive and directorship for the following year:

President-Milton Lorenson
1st Vice-President-Orest Fedorus
2nd Vice-President-Ray Hellquist
Secretary-Annette Gregoraschuk
Treasurer-Tom Holliday
Directors-Ron Flanders, George Pinder, Walter
Skolarchuk, Clifford Swedgan, Brian Sparrow, Jean
May, Faye Smith, Edith Mitchell, Ron Onusko, Vernon
Sharkey, Steve Link.

The Users Fees were discussed and the rates were raised from $15.00 to $25.00 family, $10.00 to $15.00 per person fourteen years and over, $5.00 to $10.00 under fourteen years of age.

A 300 gallon water heater was purchased from the Elk Point Municipal Hospital for the sum of $500.00. The old arena 90 gallon water heater was purchased for

$395.50 by the Elk Point Recreation Board for the Elk Point Curling Club.

A Liaison Committee was elected to assist the arena manager with any problems and to draw up a job description for the arena manager. The committee consisted of Ray Hellquist, Milton Lorenson and Ron Onusko. Ronald Flanders, the caretaker for the 1976-77 season signed the agreement with the Agricultural Society for a four month period covering December 1, 1976 to March 31, 1977 in the amount of $4,400.00 to be paid in four equal installments at the end of each month. Mr. Flanders announced that Terry Guznowski would assist him in his duties.

The First Aid Kit was once again refilled at the expense of Dr. D. D. Didow who has borne the expense in the past years.

Stella Lorenson volunteered to head the purchasing of supplies for the booth for the season. The following representatives volunteered to head the Booth Committees: Leona Bretzer, representative for the Figure Skating Club; Lynn Symbaluk and Dianne Turzansky, representatives for Ladies Hockey; Ed Pankiw, representative for the Bucs; Orest Drobot, representative for the Gopher Chokers; Lloyd Metz and Larry Demchuk, representative for Minor Hockey; Brian Anderson, representative for the Last Knights of Lindbergh.

The following rates apply to ice rentals for the 1976-77 season-$20.00 per hour-$65.00 per game including clock operations run by the Arena Board-Daily Rate for tournaments 9:00 a. m. to 11:00 p. m. $150.00. All ice rental payments must be submitted one week in advance and paid to the Arena Manager.

The Canadian Salt Co. at Lindbergh donated new goal frames for the arena. New nets were donated by the local B. P.O. Elks. The old goals were donated to the Windsor Club at Lindbergh.


The booth operated by the members grossed approximately $10,058.00 of which $5,084.50 was transferred to the arena account after expenses as reported by Mr. Laurence Modin. The soft drink machine was fully paid for by the end of the 1977 season.

Rick Reinhart and his committee presented the findings and capital costs of installing artificial ice. The capitol costs figures on artificial ice are as follows:


I. To excavate, backfill, compact subfloor (approx. 24" crusher fines, 6" washed sand), if necessary (to be examined after ice goes out). $ 15,000.00

No alternative.

2.3 inch layer of styrofoam S.M. insulation (30 psi strength, excellent insulating and water repellant qualities) ($210.001M BD. FT) 10,230.00

Alternative. Styrospan (11 - 12 psi) which requires 6 mil poly above and below (@ $40 - $4512000 ft2) ($120/M BD FT) 6,730.00


Hi-Density styrospan (17 psi) which requires 6 mil poly above and below (as above) (/M BD FT) 8,225.00

3. Concrete - Valare's Construction - only Company to provide enough units for pumping ($34.00/yd = $0.2SIyd. -mile) Approximately 300 yards. 12,825.00

No alternative.

4. Pumping and installation of arena floor (includes hardener and sealant (0.4OIft.2 = $2200 (est.) for milage and expenses.) 8,850.00

No alternative.

5. Reinforcing wire (2 layers 6 x 6 No.6 wire mesh). 5,350.00

6. Associated Refrigeration 55 ton Freon Rink-Pak. 54,305.00


Cimco 60 ton ammonia rink pak. 67,000.00

Natural gas powered engine to power the above. 13,545.00


Installation of 3 phase 440 volt power to run unit T.B.A.

8. Alterations and additions to arena

(Boards and posts, addition of service centre clw utilities). 15,000.00

TOTAL 135,105.00

Meeting dates were changed from the first Tuesday of the month to the first Thursday of every month