St Michaels 1977


by Marlyne Kryvenchuk

1977 was a very active year for the members of St. Michael's Catholic Church. Father Gerard Fortier o.m.i. an Oblate Missionary Father from the Colony of Fishing Lake was in charge of our parish from January to September. Father Rosano Simard from the St. Vincent Parish then took over until the end of the year. Father Fortier and Father Simard both travelled many miles each week to say Mass in Elk Point at 7:45 p.m., Saturday evening.

Father Fortier initiated the parish council and the first meeting was held on March 7, 1977. Meetings were held on the first Monday of the month. The parish council members were Father Fortier, President; Eddy O'Kane, Chairperson; (Mrs.) Louise Maas, Vice-Chairperson; and (Mrs.) Marlyne Kryvenchuk, Secretary. Three committees were then formed: Christian Life Committee, Ushers Committee and Social Action Committee.

Sister Albertine Dubois became coordinator of the Christian Life Committee with (Mrs.) Jeannine Boratynec as Chairperson and (Mrs.) Marlene Lukevich, Vice-Chairperson. Other members of this committee included (Mrs.) Laureanne Pelletier in charge of the Sacristous and (Mrs.) Yvonne Wyatt, Organist. Readers include (Mrs.) Marlene Lukevich, (Mrs.) Louise Maas, John Lukevich and Eddy O'Kane.

The Ushers Committee consisted of Eugene Symbaluk as chairperson and John Lukevich as -Vice-Chairperson. Social Action Committee had (Mrs.) Sandra Poulin as Chairperson and (Mrs.) Carolyn Onusko as Vice-Chairperson.

Parish Council organized religion lessons which were taught weekly in the elementary school under the guidance of Sister Dubois, Carolyn Onusko, Jeannine Boratynec, Marlene Lukevich and Elsie Yoneliunas. They prepared children for their first communion and confirmation.

On May 21 confirmation was held with the following children being confirmed by Bishop Roy of St. Paul: Debbie Hammond, Lynn Kryvenchuk, Darrell Kryvenchuk, Karen Kryvenchuk, Denise Maas, Kris Ann Maas, Leona McAleese, Colleen McAleese, Brenda Pankow, Della Pankow, Doria Pelletier, Bernard Poitras and Lesley Wyatt. After confirmation, a community gathering was held with Bishop Roy. Members of the parish provided lunch.

On June 11, first communion was received by the children Sister Dubois and Elsie Yoneliunas had worked with. The eleven children making their first communion were Melanie Boratynec, Michael Boratynec, John Ilillebrand, Dwayne Jenkins, Rhonda Jenkins, Michelle Lukevich, Michelle Metz, Richard Michael, Diane Pelletier, Tim Poulin and Shawn Shatford. During the year Karen Kryvenchuk made her first communion at Easter time, Leona IvIcAleese and Colleen McAleese on May21 and Paul McAleese at Christmas time. After the summer holidays religion lessons began once again in the elementary school every Monday.

Six children were baptised during the year, Sandy Lee Lefebvre was baptised February 6, Leona, Colleen, and Paul McAleese on May 14, Caroline Symbaluk on October 15 and Melissa Poulin, December 3.

The year saw the Social Action Committee at work organizing two successful ticket raffles. The first was held in June where each member of the church was asked to donate a food item which could be used for camping. The winner of this raffle was Anna Fedorus of Elk Point.

The second raffle was held in December when a Christmas food hamper was raffled. Winner of this raffle was Mrs. Norman Poitras of Dewberry. Proceeds from the raffles went to the building repair fund.