Dog Rump House

Submitted by Dr. J.G. MacGregor

As near as I can determine, both a N.W. Co. and an H.B.Co. were established in 1reftext77_8.gif the fall of 1817 at the mouth of Dog Rump Creek. The H.B.Co. abandoned their house in the spring of 1818 but since the N.W.Co. continued to operate their house, the Hudson's Bay people had to re-occupy theirs for a time that fall under William Taylor but then abandoned it shortly after that.

By 1821 the H.B.Co. was using the buildings there as a depot for shipping stuff to their outpost on Moose Lake and for a while that fall, William Taylor was again in charge. He was succeeded later on in the fall by Patrick Small, who had a staff of twenty-five men.

In October 1822 the Hudson's Bay house was abandoned again and shortly after that the Assiniboines burned some of the buildings. Not too long after that the H.B.Co. had some men pull down some more of the buildings. In the fall of 1829 John Rowand had the rest of the buildings taken apart and the logs sent downstream to be re-erected as the first part of a new Fort Pitt, which was built that year.