Remembering Elk Point Hospital Staff Page 1

Mary Vogel


Mary (Flasha) Vogel
- worked in 1944 for two years, got married, came back twelve years later, and worked a total of 27 years. Did cooking some week-ends, laundry, and a nursing attendant.




Erma (Roman) Yewchin
- worked in Housekeeping 1936 and 1965









Marie (Babenek) Lesyk
- worked in the kitchen and laundry




Irene (Boraytynec) Gadowsky

- worked 1951-1952-1953 as cleaning staff, then ward aide

Lots has happened since I left Elk Point I got Married and Edward and I celebrated our 54th anniversary. We have three children and six grandsons. Together we have travelled a fair amount — cruised to the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. We live on an acreage near Devon and retired in 1991.

















Doris (Ewasiuk) Capjack

- still living in Elk Point in own home
- daughter is living with her
- not able to do the things I used to but still doing all right
- have been blessed with five grandchildren and three great grandchildren
- still enjoy family get-togethers with my family and we have always been together on special occasions
- Bingo is still one of my interests



Lil Buksa

- worked in kitchen and housekeeping 1960-1982.












Agnes (Gadowski) Madu
- worked in laundry and housekeeping until leaving in 1980 to go to the U of A.













Almerette (Smith Vance) Lister
- worked in all departments mostly obstetric and newborn nursery and relief in O.R. from 1958-1965.

I moved to Elk Point in July 1958 with my two children to begin work at the Elk Point Hospital. In 1960 I went in training for my LPN. Upon Completion, returned to resume work until August 1965 when I married Leslie Sloan at which time I moved to St. Paul In 1978 we moved to Westbank, BC where Leslie passed away in 1989. In 1991,1 married Stanley Lister who passed away in 1993.1 returned to St.Paul in 2001 and reside in Sunnyside Manor.








Tillie (Evtushevski) Eliuk
- worked four years in housekeeping and four years as ward aide from 1961 to 1970.









Lillian (Warawa) Krawchuk
- Married Walter Krawchuk in 1959
-worked 121/2 years in Elk point Hospital
- have three children - Cindy (Dennis), Cheryl (Glenn). Brent (Patti)
- have seven grandchildren - Chad, Shane, Crystal; Amanda, Melissa; Dylan, Krista
- currently working in St Paul St Theresa Hospital in the CSR department —19 years
- favourite past time — enjoying Bingo and trips to Casino
- CRS — surgical processor certification
- travelled to Mexico, Las Angelas, Florida. Las Vegas.








Cheryl (Johnson) Wentz
I have been married to my husband, Brian, for thirty four years. We met and married (1974) in Edmonton. Our son, Mark, was born in August of 1977. We
moved from Edmonton to Kitscoty (followed the Oil Patch). In 1985, we moved from there to our present location - SV of Bonnyville Beach on Moose Lake. We
are self employed. We lease and operate a steam truck with S+T Mobile Wash in Bonnyville. I worked in the kitchen at the Elk Point Hospital for a couple of months in 1971-72.

Hazel Johnson
I married Johnny in 1966. That year my four children and I moved to his farm along the North Saskatchewan River (Cheiyl, Terry, Ric, and Gary). Boyko was
our neighbour. In 1967, Alan was born. In 1971, we moved to a farm in the Ferguson Flats area (Roads End — Black Angus Johnson and Sons x/p ).
In 1975 we moved to Edmonton. Alan continued his education. I worked until I was 65 and Johnny retired and started to cycle again. We travelled all over the States and Canada for years in one race after another (most of which he won). He cycled until his untimely death after being hit by a car in June 2002.
I worked at the hospital in the kitchen from 1965 to 1975.


Leona Moneta

Leona Moneta
I started my employment in Elk Point Hospital as Nursing Attendant in 1948 after finishing school in Willow Range School. I married Paul Moneta in 1949, raising two children — daughter Gail and son Don. Paul was also employed in Elk Point Hospital for 25 years. I then went back to work in 1956 in the same department to pursue my career. Nursing was very interesting and compassionate. Training was mostly on the job — mainly by Buzzy Pelechosky and Marion Tredger.
Working with F.G. Miller, A.G. Ross, A. Weigerinck, and K.C. Miller. These four doctors. These four doctors are best known for their perfection in major surgeries,
obstetrics, etc. Soon we had patients coming to our hospital from near and far. Surgery every day, nursery was always busy with newborns. Never recall it being
without babies. We had three sets of twins born here. Still see them, all grown up, and children of their own. Hospital was 52 beds. At times ran over capacity.
I retired in 1989, at present doing volunteer work at Parkview Senior Centre, Royal Purple Lodge, and “Red Hat Society” which is no work, all fun, and get  together.













Eleanor (Albrecht) Cousincau
Worked in surgery, medicine, and peds from 1963-1964. 

Valerie Jane (Rupchan) Poitras
Worked in the Lab and X-ray from 1980 to the present
Started work in the Elk Point Hospital on January 7,1980. Moved from Melville, SK with my three daughters. I married William Poitras in 1984. I have worked here
for twenty-eight years FT and still continue working. William and I raised four children altogether. They are all married now. We have eight adorable  grandchildren. We spend our time with our grandchildren. We enjoyed going down south this past winter to get away from these cold Alberta winters. I have
worked with a lot of different staff at the Elk Point Hospital and have enjoyed most of the time spent here.









Gail (Nelson) Krysta
Worked 1974 -1993 as RNA
I was born March 25,1945 at the Elk Point Municipal Hospital. Dr. Weigerinck was my doctor. Hazel (Dotting) and Leonard Nelson of Lea Park are my parents.
Mom stayed with Doris Aarbo, Loretta Pinder’s Mom, before I was born because they lived close to the hospital. I took my nursing in 1962-63 in Edmonton, AB.
Married Don Krysta October 30,1964. We moved to Kelowna. In 1974 we bought a farm in the Landonville area and I started working at EPMH until 1993. Cookie Arnason, DON, hired me. Then Audrey Willmer and Diane Anderson were the DON’S. I have fond memories of my working years. In 1997 we moved to Crane Lake, NE of Bonnyville. In 2007, we bought a house in Osoyoos, BC - population 5000.

Grace Barwick
Grace Barwick (submitted by daughter, Karen)
Worked in Medical Records from 1966-1978
Norma berg, co-worker and friend, told me, that Mom was extremely good at her work. Her handwriting was close to perfect, and seldom, if ever, made mistakes.
Mom loved her work and her work family. She was an independent woman! Mom was not only good at her work, she was a great person. I don’t think I ever
heard her judge or put anyone down. She was community-minded and would do whatever she could to be helpfull. To her family, she was unselfish, forgiving, kind and, most of all, loving. When Mom was needed (and she was), she was “there”. To us, yes Dad, she was “Amazing Grace”!














Karen (Barwick-Pelechosky) Coulter
Worked as ward Aide trainee for three months of terror.
I could write a short book on this seventeen year old’s short nursing career. First of all, I was the daughter-in-law of Dorothy (Buzzy) Pelechosky who thought I should work for my keep. I did not succeed! But it was an experience I shall never forget, and fun! Thanks for the memories.







Eleanor (Olsen) Holliday
Worked in Nursing from 1956 to 1957
Erna and I, as two new Grads from the Royal Alexandra Hospital, arrived in Elk Point on a cold and bitter night — per bus, picked up and taken to the home of
Leitha Ramsbottom who had agreed to keep ns for awhile. Next morning, we walked to work and became part of the staff of a very busy hospital. Needless to
say, we learned fast. The activity in obstetrics, the operating room, paediatrics, and always full medical beds was typical of rural hospitals at that time. I was fortunate to have my nursing years in rural hospital moving with John — great guy I met in Elk Point. Rural hospitals covered a wide range of opportunities for staff and patients.
Most of my years were spent in Smoky Lake as a general duty nurse in the active, a few years as Director of Nursing, and ending as general duty in Long Term Care. I am now retired -1 believe nursing was good to me and I was good to nursing.


Maureen (LaGore) Anderson
Worked from July 1962 to March 1964.
This was my first job out of High School—was to be for the summer only, then off to nursing school. That was not what transpired but it was the most enjoyable time of my life - apart from my husband and family.




Ruby (Lowe) Vijayakumar
Worked from May 1961 to August 1964 in Nursing.









Marge (Sanche) Desaulniers
Worked in extended, peds and out patients from 1977 to 1988.
We moved to Phase H apartments in StPaul in 2004. We were both sick and needed to be close to our doctor. I still bowl, swim, and walk. Armand carpet bowls
and floor curls. We also play Bocci I am looking forward to seeing everyone.





















Antonio (Flasha) Gozjolko
Worked 1945 and 1946, married in 1947. Came back to work in 1960. Worked as a ward aide in the wards and in peds.


Madeleine H. (Tomkow) Morrison

Worked spring of 1953 at the hospital as a ward aide and until march 1954 when I left to train as a Nursing Aide. After my graduation, I worked as a Nursing Aide in Women’s. Men’s, Surgical, Children’s, and Maternity from December 1954 to July 1956. In July 1956,1 resigned from the hospital and went to Regina, SK and was employed by the General Hospital there for one year. It was then that I met a handsome Air Force pilot named Willis Morrison, who was stationed at Moose Jaw. We were married in the fall of 1957.We have had postings in the USA, Europe and several places in Canada. Our last posting was to Cold Lake, Alberta,
where we presently reside. We have two daughters, one son, seven grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. We are now retired, celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary in November 2007 and are involved