Elk Point Girls Champs Of Division

Elk Point Girls Team

A lusty “Rah”, the shill of a whistle and the G.A. Pantherettes were off . . . and on to an early morning victory challenged by Mallaig players who lost by a score of 30-12.

Weary in body, but not in spirit, at 2:30 in the afternoon, the Pantherettes faced the Glendon Noblettes. Though G.A. rose to a one point lead during three-quarter time, there was a period of real struggle when Glendon tied the score. It was quickly broken when a pass by Marylaine Mack was fired to Barbara Bohush who jump-shot and scored. They dribbled in a close victory of 21-18.

The final determining game at 7 p.m. sported Elk Point versus G.A. In the first three quarters, the Pantherettes topped the score board 15-8 with effortless play. It was not until the end of the last quarter when ripples of excitement caught the fans. Three seconds were left in the game with Elk Point applying pressure and finally tipping the ball in and winning 17-16, becoming champions of the district.