Editor, J. Buchanan

April 7, 1921 - Auto owners in Elk Point are getting their cars in shape preparatory for ajoy ride.

April, 1921 - From an article by a Queen's University Professor: The average young Canadian of today cares nothing for books.

June, 1921 - July 1 will be a big day at Elk Point. There will be horse races, ladies horse races, catching a greased pig, hooking the goose, pillow fights, etc. At night there will be a play and a musical program.

July, 1921 - Titles of articles: 'Is Marriage a Failure? ' and 'Some People are Fond of Talking About the Good Old Days'.

August, 1921 - In 1921 the Minister of Education issued a statement calling the attention of parents, teachers and pupils alike to the unsatisfactory conditions which prevailed and called for a united effort to get back to strict discipline and hard work.

October, 1921 - The poppy received the first popular recognition locally as a memorial flower.

September 11, 1925 - The date of the first issue of the St. Paul Tribune, with G. Lame as editor.

October 2, 1925 - Date of the last issue of the St. Paul Tribune.

October 9, 1925 - Date of the first issue of the St. Paul Journal, with G. Larue, editor.

April, 1931 - P Charron motored to Elk Point from St. Paul in four hours. He was stuck four times.

March, 1932 - The Elk Point Butcher Shop was purchased by R. Braithwaite of Dewberry.

May 18, 1932 - Results of a contest sponsored by the Elk Point Women's Institute in the Arnott Hall:

  • Spelling Contest: M.C.'d by Mrs. Sumpton
  • Winners:         
    • Ewart Whaley, Grade 6
    • George Johnson, Grade 7 Dolores Keitges, Grade 8
  • Oratorical Contest:
  • Winners:         
    • 1st. - Frank Millar, Grade 11
    • 2nd. - S. Holthe, Grade 9
    • 3rd. - Maxine Jepson, Grade 9

October, 1934 - Title of an editorial, 'Toll the Road', pointing out the increasing incidence of traffic accidents.

May, 1939 - Canadian farmers complained that while eight cows in the U.S bought a Ford, twenty-two Canadian cows were required to secure one.

June 2, 1939 - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited Edmonton. Many people travelled from Elk Point to welcome them.

September, 1939 - Carpenters and plasterers are making a new office for Dr. F.G. Miller.

December, 1939 - The first meeting of the trustees of the St. Paul School Division took place.

December, 1940 - Mr. J. Dechene, Liberal M.P. made his maiden speech.

Sept. 1943 - Rose Bartling, aged 15, risked her life to save an unknown baby from being run over by the train.

1875 -  The Canadian Government passed the Homestead Act to encourage western settlement.

1883 - The CPR extended across southern Alberta.

Feb., 1946 - The Elk Point Dramatic Society presented the play, 'Grandpa's Twin Sister'. The cast consisted of Joe Jacobson,  Evelyn  Bartling,  Dolly  Jacobson,  Dorothy McMullen, Robert Lambright, Sheila Hamer, Vern Raham, Jack Weigerinck, August Bartling, and Gertrude Keck.

The Elk Point Hunter - was first issued March 11, 1961, with C. Boos as local editor. In June, 1961, (Mrs.) Grace Bar-wick became local editor. The name of the paper was submitted by Marvin Davis, for which he won a $25.00 prize.