Hospital Auxiliary 1977


by W. Elaschuk

The Elk Point Hospital Auxiliary was organized on March thirty-first, 1976. Initial membership of sixteen has grown to the present total of thirty-eight. Executive for 1976 are Ruth Vogel, President; Joslien Wannechko, Vice-President; Deanna Fakeley, Secretary; Violet~ McFadyen, Treasurer; Elsie Oryschuk, Canteen Chairperson; Rilla Higgins, Publicity Person.

The three general areas in which the auxiliary functions are (1) Volunteer in-service (within the hospital), (2) fund raising, (3) public relations. Auxiliary members give their time for personal, friendly visits to the patients, doing ~small personal services for them.

Money raised by the auxiliary is spent within the hospital for equipment and other items that can be used by the patients. We endeavor to provide the little extras to the patients in an effort to make their stay in the hospital more comfortable.

Equipment and supplies purchased: a wheelchair, commemorative mugs (of old and new hospital), pop dispensing machine, four rug kits (these are hooked by the patients), four radios (for patient use), wool (for knitting articles for the gift counter), twelve over-bed tables, alternating pressure pad, portable blood pressure monitor, and sink and chair (for patient's hair care).

Auxiliary services include the canteen, mobile cart and visitations. The canteen is also operated by volunteers under the Work Experience Program. Junior Volunteer pins have been awarded to the participants by the Hospital Auxiliary.

Patient services for special occasions include tray favors (for St. Patrick's, St. Valentine's and Christmas Day); flowers (for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day); fruit baskets (for Thanksgiving Day); records for pediatrics (at Christmas); engraved baby spoons and commemorative mugs given to last baby born in the old hospital, and to first baby born in the new hospital; also a gift for the 'Christmas Baby' of engraved spoon and sleepers.

Money-raising projects include sale of rags, bakeless bake sale, money-doll raffle, rug raffles, gift counter, pop machine, bazaar and bake tables at the flea-market.

Special projects:October 8, 1976-served tea and provided guided tours at official opening of the new hospital, and on May 12-1977-Hospital Day-served tea, held bake sale and bazaar in the hospital waiting room.

Under Public Relations the auxiliary sponsored a public information meeting on arthritis on October 26 of 1977.

The following list of persons have been members during 1976 and 1977: Ruth Vogel Joslien Wannechko Deanna Fakeley Mae Booth Violet McFadyen Pearl Bespalko Loretta Pinder Wasy Elaschuk Elsie Oryschuk Rhoda Lorenson Muriel Holthe Bea Williams Pauline Pankiw Geneva Trefiak Irene Miller Diane Anderson Audrey Willmer Anne Kates Rilla Higgins Lena Stepa Lillian Ewasiuk Pearl Zarowny Edith Mitchell Evelyn Babcock Donna McPherson Natalie Yarmuch Margaret Modin Madeleine McAleese Olga Ruzycki Lois Sharek Audrey Lorenson Irene Sureman Peggy Smereka Toots Hunt Diana Robertson Alma Grosseth Marg Jacobson Gwen Morris Mable Wruth Gunhild Nelson Maureen Rae Vickie Stepa Doris Capiack Nancy Heinemann Myrna Fox


A donation of $100 from the Trimmers for the pediatrics ward is presented to (Mrs ) Audrey Willmer Director of Nursing by (Mrs.) Norma Berg


Delivery of dinner trays, by heated wagon, by aides (Mrs.) V. McFadyen, Josie Zarowny and ward clerk Amelia Jasinski, 1977.