1reftext77_1.gifIf the wheels of progress should continue to turn for the next ten thousand years, very likely the Elk Point area would still be predominantly agricultural in spirit. Certainly it was agriculture in some form that made the town what it is to-day. Ever since the first pioneer went to work with his axe and grubhoe, farmers in the Elk Point district have been producing a greater diversity of better quality grain, forage crops, poultry and livestock.

Mixed farming was most popular in the early days because it was the aim of each farmer to become independent as quickly as possible. This was not done out of any lack of the spirit of cooperation; it was an economic necessity, and a sound survival tactic. It is still the type of farming chosen by many, but specialization is gaining in importance. Specialization became possible with improved markets and marketing facilities; mechanization; new breeds of cattle; early ripening, disease resistant grains; and last but not least, increased knowledge, and expertise in the business of farming. In the section devoted to memoirs, many individuals tell of their experiences in agricultural endeavors; the following articles indicate some of the social, business and political "off-shoots".