Buckingham House 1977

 1supptext78_36.gifRESIDENTS: William Osinchuk, Mr. and Mrs. Trigve Kjenner, Grace Franks, Ethel Martin, William Puha, Myrtle Butner, Frank Robinson, Ted Heffernan, Hildur Johnson, Polly Poleschuk, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Livingstone, John Nichols, Zillah Campbell, Ada Scott, Eva Kjenner, Violet Wagner, Emily Appleton, Elizabeth Schulz, Eugenie Evtushevski, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Lindquist.

Buckingham House continues to be a palace for its residents. It is unbelievable how this number of people of different nationalities, different backgrounds, different outlooks, different interests, etc. can live so closely with each other, with a bond stronger than that in many of our families. It is not quite two years since the majority of these Senior Citizens moved into their suites. During this short time they have organized themselves into a club in such a way that they have entertainment, fellowship, and help whenever needed. They have weekly bingos, card parties, shuffleboard tournaments, dances; just name it, they have it. At Christmas they organized their own Christmas party inviting the board and some friends. Presents were exchanged, a very enjoyable program presented by the members, and a scrumptious lunch followed. One afternoon some members of drama classes from the elementary school entertained them. The Osinchuk's from Edgerton and Dewberry supplied music for listening, singing and dancing on many occasions. They have many visitors in their private suites, also in the lounge visiting with them all or playing crokinole, cards, shuffleboard, etc. Jokes pass freely from one to another. They never miss a chance to play a joke or trick on someone. Many go away at some time or other for a holiday or visit, but are always welcomed back with open arms, and seem to be glad to be home. Meals-on-wheels are delivered from the hospital to a few. Through the P.S.S. some citizens of the town have organized a taxi service, which picks them up once a week, takes them to town and after a few hours drives them home. From the proceeds from their bingos they have bought an exercise bike. They also have a three-wheeler bike with a basket, a Christmas present from Peter Glasmann of George's Cycle in town. Many are just waiting for the snow to go to try the bike out. They are ardent hospital visitors.


Peter Glasmann presenting bicycle to Senior Citizen, (Mrs.) Eva Kjenner, at Buckingham House.

The unit at present is filled to capacity and there is a waiting list. The Buckingham House Management Board have a very enjoyable and satisfying job overseeing this establishment.


by Florence Lindquist

I would like to write a few lines on behalf of the residents of Buckingham House. I think I can safely say this from all of us-we are all very happy and thankful to live here. We are like one big happy family. The board members are very nice. Mrs. Dumont we see quite often and she always has something cheerful to say. Mr. Pankiw always has a cheerful smile, and the caretakers are very helpful.

We have been nice and comfortable this past winter t and we gather in the lobby at night to visit or play cards or crokinole. We play bingo on Tuesday night and two ladies take turns every time making tea, coffee and lunch.

We have been given a stereo by ladies of the Royal Purple, the board got us a shuffle board, the R. C. M. P. a nice picture, quite a few records from friends, and George's Cycle gave us a nice three-wheel cycle. We bought an exercise cycle to keep as fit as we can.

Mrs. Osinchuk, daughter and husband, and son come and entertain us with nice music and such nice singing. We look forward to their visits. The daughter is from Ponoka and the son from south of the river.

We are very lucky too, for on Tuesday afternoon volunteer ladies take turns at 1:30 P. M. to take anyone who wishes to the clinic or grocery shopping. Bless them all. Mrs. Tredger brought us such a nice poinsettia at Christmas. It is still very nice.

Anyone wishing to visit Buckingham House is welcome to see us.