by L.W. Sumpton

Here again we are confronted with a lack of data. It has been reported that Drs. Miller and Ross had a few holes laid out just east of where Sumptons live in Sec. 6-57-6-W4. There may have been more golfers. Nothing much is known of this early activity except that the doctors painted their golf balls red so they could be found in the snow.

The present nine-hole course is located one mile west and one-half mile south in N.E. 35-57-7-W4. This land belonged to Dr. F.G. Miller and is still in the family. A club was formed about 1937; nine holes laid out in this beautiful natural course. There are copses of trees here and there, with lots of open prairie. The ground is a fairly sandy loam, so grass growth is not too luxuriant. No stones. We removed the turf the hard way, constructed sand greens, buried nine tin cans with the ends cut out, for cups, and we were in business.

Some of the early enthusiasts were C.J. Markstad (who loaned his truck), Hugh McQuillan, L.W. Sumpton, Grant Field, Buck Eaton, Drs. Miller and Ross, Bill Milliolland, Dr. K.C. Miller, Dr. George Miller, and many others in later years: Fred Lorenson, Harry Shewchuk, R.E. Beattie and Ron Barwick, among others.

I would also like to pay tribute to a very ardent golfer-Billy Morrison. This rather elderly gentleman used to drive here all the way from Dewberry to golf. His 1929 Plymouth coupe could be seen many times parked at the tee off. He still comes.

At first a farmer with his hay mower cut the fairways when the grass got so long that finding a ball became a lengthy and frustrating experience. Later the grass was cut by people who had acquired power lawn mowers. Still later, the club bought a gang type regular mower drawn by a borrowed Ford tractor. The present equipment is a club-owned power mower and on old International tractor. With volunteer drivers, the fairways are kept in nice shape the season long.

I think it appropriate here to extend to Dr. K.C. Miller the fullest appreciation for the use of his land for a golf course.

There were and are some pretty gifted women golfers. (Mrs.) Ivy Ross comes to mind. It took a good golfer of either sex to beat her.