Andrishak, Steve


1reftext77_153.gif by Steve Andrishak

I was born on a farm south of Warspite in 1921. In 1925, my father, William Andrishak, and my mother and six children moved to Elk Point. The railroad had not reached Elk Point yet, so we went by rail as far as St. Paul, then had all our belongings hauled by wagon to Elk Point.

My father opened a small store in the old section of town, just a little west of where the Sumpton residence now stands. When the railroad was built in early 1927, the store was moved to a new location just north of the present Elk Point hotel. My father died in 1949, and my mother in 1974.

I started school in 1927. It was located in a small church building where Andy Miller now resides. My first teacher was Mrs. Rockwell. This school burned down. School was relocated in the old Johnson Bros. Store, where 0. & M. Service Station now stands.

My main interest during those early days of my life was sport, namely, baseball and hockey. Our hockey team was coached by Dr. F.G. Miller, whom we all greatly admired. Things were a lot different then - we played on outside rinks. Sometimes we had to clean off a foot of snow before playing a game. We travelled during the winter by sleigh, and by train. On one cross-country trip to Bonnyville, "Doc" hooked up his driving team to a sleigh and loaded us up. With a few quilts to keep us warm, we took off. After playing the game in 30 degree below weather, we returned home the same day.

We had many enjoyable hockey trips to Heinsburg by train in the 30's. We would play our game, then spend the night at the River View Hotel, owned by Mr. Chartier. We would return home by train the next morning, in time to get to school.

The entire trip was paid by Dr. F.G. Miller, who always accompanied the team. He was a very important man in our hockey organization, since he was manager, coach and sponsor, as well as a great leader and inspiration to all the players on our team. The team stayed together from 1933-39, at which time World War II broke out and there were matters other than hockey to be dealt with.

I have lived in Elk Point and district for fifty-two years, with the exception of two and a half years with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (Army) during World War II. In 1945, my father and I purchased the Arnott Hall, and I commenced my theatre business. We renovated the building in 1947. I will soon be starting my thirty-third year in show business.

Also in 1945 I married Doris Walton, a graduate nurse who was nursing in the Elk Point Municipal Hospital. We have a family of five children - Janice (Mrs. Daniel Zarowny), Carole (Mrs. Tom Rae), Ellie Mrs. Denis Garnier), and two boys, John and Jim, at home.


Steve and Doris Andrishak, daughters Ellie, Janice, Carole, 1956