The Descendants of William and Mary Andrishak

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The origin of Descendants of William and Mary Andrishak. comes mainly as a result of the request of Steve’s daughters, Janice and Carole. They had for some time made this call as they felt they knew so little of their grandparents. Great-grandchildren knew less and great-great grandchildren were even further removed in time and knowledge. Steve gave in to the request and with surprise, he even learned a lot as he began his research in other local histories and other sources. Even greater surprise came with a measure of pleasure when relatives contributed photographs that he had not viewed before. This project made Steve’s winter of 2003—04 memorable. He constantly said “It would have been so much better if only I had started earlier.” The main satisfaction comes from it being finished now. In ten years this book would be different and less complete. It is hoped that there will be a second edition as individuals send more anecdotes of William and Mary and more complete information about themselves to be included. There are many incomplete areas in this history and with hope, people become aware that they can add to the book. The correcting of mistakes is gratefully accepted as well. Some additional picture identification is also necessary. More pictures would enhance the book. Steve has turned over final rendering of this book to the Elk Point Historical Society. More writing to include the life and times in Elk Point would improve the fullness. Litde details like did Bill and Mary speak to each other in Ukrainian and English only to their children ? What language did Bill use with most of his customers from across the river ? As errors probably exist, they were unintentional. For further communication the historical society can be reached at


With permission of the Andrishak family, below is a PDF of Steve Andrishak's 2004 family history.