Schancel, William

MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SCHANCEL1reftext77_141.gif

by K. McAleese

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schancel moved to Elk Point and took a homestead NW-1O-57-6-W4 East of Elk Point, in 1916 or 1917. Bill had been here before working around the district, and looking for a place to settle down. They had one daughter, Rose.

Bill was a carpenter and worked helping people build homes and barns. He was a great hunter and had an avid interest in guns and repairing them. Bill died in Elk Point in 1923 at the age of forty-seven. Mrs. Schancel and Rose moved to Milden, Saskatchewan in 1926. She still owned land until 1936, and sent money to Martin Loftus who paid the taxes for her. After 1936 she stopped sending money for taxes and the land was eventually sold for taxes owing.

Rose was back in the Elk Point district for a visit in 1941. She stayed at the home of Martin Loftus, and attended the wedding of Gerry and Kathleen McAleese. She went back to her work in Saskatchewan, and over the years we gradually lost touch with her. She married a man named Bowes or Boos and the last we heard she was living in Letlibridge.


Mrs Schancel and Rose on homestead, 1920.



Rose Schancel, 1940.