Keitges, Frank


by Helen (Reid) Keitges

I was born Helen Revina Reid, in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1909. I came to Elk Point in 1930 where I worked at the Elk Point Municipal Hospital for three years. I married Frank Cyril Keitges in 1933 and we lived in a little house on the farm of his parents for six years. His dad and mother, Peter and Cora Keitges, had come from Iowa in 1908. Both our two sons Jim and Bob were born while we were on the farm. We then moved into town where Frank ran the Pool Elevator for seven years. During that time he bought Billie Wolfe's quarter east of town and moved the house on it into town across from the Pool house where we lived until 1955. Frank had meanwhile quit the elevator and gone into construction. In '55 he traded his machinery for a motel at Fort Macleod. In 1956 he sold the motel and we moved to Calgary where we reside at the present time. Both our sons are married and living here. Bob has a son Bradley now seventeen and a daughter Heather twelve years old.


Cora and Peter Keitges, parents of Raymond, Frank and Dolores, at their home, early 1940's.


Helen Keiges with Jim (L) and Rob (R), about 1941.


Frank and Helen Keitges, Red Deer, Xmas, 1975.