Remembering People of our Area

These pages are to capture information about people of our area: their basic information, their challenges, their triumphs and a record of some their days. Through this remembrance page we hope to capture a bit about their life and times and add to our understanding of our community over time.

The Elk Point Historical Society will start with a simple information page but will allow friends and family to add information to the page to let others know of this person's life. Often we start with an obituary but any other pieces of information can be added by family and friends: photos (up to 5 taken at different times of their lives: we recommend a photo of elementary years, high school, Thirties, fifties and later life) , funeral cards, eulogies, news articles, PowerPoints, and other relevant information. Information can be emailed to us or dropped off at the Elk Point Library for this project. Any PDF of a document or booklet can be added as an attachment to the page.

Some sample pages are located on each site. Elk Point, Dr FG Miller; Lindbergh, Pat Johnson, Elmer Bjornstad; Heinsburg, Roy Scott.

Note: if dropped off during these COVID times each envelope or package must be placed in the library drop box and will be quarantined for one week. The society will return it to the library and contact the owner when it can be picked up again.

Look for the person you are looking for by last name. 

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