Irene Magnusson Just Yesterday

Irene Magnusson

Irene Magnusson

On February 6, 2013, Irene Magnusson of Elk Point Passed away at the age of 95 years. For many years she had written a column called Albert Trails in the local pages, compiled many poems and stories and worked with local history groups with her communities. We share this small book of her stories and poems created by her family called Just Yesterday 2013. More of Irene’s work will be added here later.

From the Introduction to Just Yesterday

"I got used to being "small" long ago - it's only on the outside - inside I'm as big as anyone!"

My Grandma Irene Magnusson wrote these words to me in 1996 when I sent her a letter bemoaning the fact that my little sister had grown taller than me. I wonder if Grandma realized how true those words were? I remember a woman who, at age 70, climbed a tree to retrieve a toy plane, cross-country skied into her eighties and, even in the toughest times could make people laugh.

I've heard stories of the little girl who chased off the schoolyard bullies, the young woman who made the very best she could of a penniless Depression Era wedding, and a young Mom who always managed to feed her kids even when the cupboard was bare. From the day of her birth, in a screeching January blizzard with no doctor attending, the prevailing concept that has resurfaced in her life, over and over, is "strength."

This book is a tribute to that strength. It's a lifetime of memories, lessons learned and observations. It's her humour, her passions, her unique point of view. It's everything she learned and gathered in her life that she would like to pass along to you. The first section contains the stories of her life. They explore her childhood with her 12 brothers and sisters, her youth and the warm years of motherhood and marriage. Shared with permission from her family.