Some Early Settlers

Here is a list of early settlers and the date of arrival in Elk Point community.

Some Early Settlers. Arrival.

  Mr. C. Hood l907
  Mr. C Smith 1907
  Mr. J.B. Caskey 1907
  Mr J.O. Fish 1907
  Mr. J. Babcock 1907
  Mr. F. Pinder 1908
  Mr. Maxwell 1908
  Mr. F. Lambright 1908
  Mr. Mayble 1908
  Mr. J. Valentine 1909
  Mr. Higsbe    1909
  Mr. A Landers 1909
  Mr. H. Jacobson 1909
  Mr. P. Kietges 1909
  Mr. H. Day    1911
  Mr. G. Arnold 1912
  Mr. E. Bullis    1912
  Mr. H.O. O'Kane 1912

All these early settlers bought homesteads and started farming. It wasn't until about 1912 that

Mr. Hood started the first Post Office.