Stepaniuk, Kiryk

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by Mike Stepaniuk

Kiryk Stepaniuk was born in Szczurowycy Brody, Poland, in the year 1884, and died in the year 1974. He married Eudokia Tanasychuk from Myrnam, Alberta, and they had a family of five boys.

Kiryk was a farmer, and farmed in the Gideon Lake District, and the boys attend the Gideon Lake School, which taught from grades one to nine, with classes at times of forty-four or five children. They received their mail at Peet Post Office, run out of a farm house owned by their next door neighbor, John Peet, who lived in the same section, a half mile away.

Kiryk Stepaniuk lived on and farmed the following lands: N.W. 34-55-7-4, N.E. 33-55-7-4, N.E. 22-55-7-4.These lands are still farmed by his son, Steve Stepaniuk, and the following one-half section of land, N.E. 35-55-7-4, and N.E. 26-55-7-4,is farmed by his son Bill Stepaniuk, who also has an oil well that went into operation in November of 1977, situated on N.E. 26-55-7-4, and is a producing oil well. The following lands are being farmed by another son, Mike Stepaniuk, S.E. 17-56-7-4, N.E. 17-56-7-4, S.E. 20-56-7-4 (leased).

Three of the sons are farmers. Another son, John is a Forest Ranger employed by the government. The youngest son, Edward, is a school principal, and is employed in the Valleyview School District. The oldest son, Mike, is a veteran of the Second World War, and put in three and a half years service with the Canadian Army in Canada and Europe.

(Mrs.) Eudokia Stepaniuk is retired and remarried, and lives in Elk Point.