Early Statistics

Settlers started to arrive in our district in 1907. Some of the first to settle in our district were Charles Hood, 0. J. Fish, William Schancel, Tom Aarbo, Court Smith and J. B. Caskey. The hamlet of Elk Point was established in 1909 and was governed by the Municipal District of Lincoln after it was formed in 1914.  The first school in our district was built 2 1/2 miles south east of Elk Point in 1909. Our first river crossing was at Hopkins, which was three miles west of our present bridge (1908). In 1914, a second ferry began operating just about where our bridge stands.

Elk Point's first post office opened on June 15, 1909, Charles Hood was the first postmaster. Phone service came to Elk Point on August 9,1913. Charles Hood was also the first switchboard operator.

Elk Point held its first Agricultural Fair on Septemher 25, 1912. Elk Point's first hospital opened its door in 1923. The hospital was privately operated by Dr. F. G. Miller and Dr. A. G. Ross. In 1928 a new municipal hospital opened in the west part of town and the old downtown hospital was converted into a medical clinic.

Electricity was first used in Elk Point in 1923 when Dr. F. G. Miller had a Delco power plant installed near the hospital. Power was supplied only to the hospital and his nearby residence. In 1928 a much larger power plant supplied electricity where our post office now stands. This new plant supplied electricity to the Municipal Hospital as well as to the entire hamlet.

The Canadian National Railway arrived in 1927, and on September 22, 1927 our first train pulled into Elk Point. Prior to 1927 our main street ran east and west. At that time our hamlet was situated at the crossroads of Highway 41. The first hotel built in Elk Point was the Caskey Hotel, built in 1916 and situated where Mrs. Beattie now lives. Our present downtown hotel was built in 1927.

Elk Point's first bank was a branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. It opened in 1919 but was destroyed by fire during the spring of 1922. This fire also destroyed an entire block of buildings, including the community hall, Markstad's Implement and Ford Agency, as well as Hood's Hardware and Post Office. The first Drug Store to open in Elk Point was the MacDonald's Drug Store which opened in the east part of our hamlet in 1925.


Our longest winter occurred in 1919‑20. It lasted from October 8, 1919 to the middle of May 1920. The 'flu epidemic of 1918‑19 killed many people in Elk Point and surrounding districts.. The flu virus was brought to Canada by returning soldiers who fought during the World War of 1914‑18.

In 1930, Elk Point had its own police magistrate. His name was George Shortridge. Court cases were conducted at his residence which was located where Ken Adkins now lives. During the 1930s, Elk Point even had its own undertaker. His name was Bill Morris ‑ he lived on a farm north of Armistice.

During the economic depression of the early 1930s, the price of wheat fell to 30 cents a bushel, feed oats sold for 5 cents a bushel and a fully grown 250 pound hog brought $2.50. Bologna bulls sold for three quarters of a cent per pound, live weight.

In 1938, Elk Point became a village. Its three chosen councillors were D. C. Nelson, Dr. A. G. Ross and Jack Jensen. D. C. Nelson was then chosen as the first village mayor.

Elk Point's first bridge was built during the winter of 1949‑50 and had its official opening on June 7, 1850. Our second bridge (open span) was built during the winter of 1985‑86. It had its official opening on June 8,1986.

Canadian Utilities started supplying electricity to Elk Point in 1952. The power was transmitted from their Vermilion plant. The Elk Point Gas Co. was established in 1949.

Elk Point became a town in 1962. The first election was held on October 17,1962. Mike Habiak became Elk Point's first town mayor by acclamation. The first voted‑in councillors were Harry Shewchuk, Jack Zarowny, Nick Bochon, Dr. K. C. Miller, Ralph Riemer and Ronald Barwick. Mayor Habiak held the office of Mayor for 30 years. He first became mayor of the Village of Elk Point after an accident claimed the life of Mayor Harry Ramsbottom. Elk Point's first Town Secretary was Paul Petrosky.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police established a detachment in Elk Point in 1968. The two room school situated north of our present Town Office served as their headquarters. Later they built their present facilities. Prior to 1968, Elk Point was policed by a Town Constable. Some early town constables were Clarence Merrick, Roy Hatchard, Jim Abraham and Harry Keck.