Ross, Ed

THE ED ROSS STORY 1reftext77_175.gif

by Mrs. Edward Ross (nee Haugen)

In the spring of 1925, Dr. Miller came to Lamont School of Nursing. He wanted nurses to come and work at Elk Point. So on completion of my training, after graduation, myself and Miss Freeman decided to go there to work. I came to Elk Point two weeks before Miss Freeman.

Dr. Ross met me at Vermilion as there was no railway to Elk Point in those days. We had dinner at Ma Caskey's hotel in Elk Point. Dr. Ross took me to the hospital. I must say it was a real let-down! The interior was all black (being heavy black paper). Dr. Miller and family were living in one part of the hospital. All patients had to be carried up the stairs, if they could not walk.

There was no way of sterilizing instruments. We had to take them to Soldon's garage and put them over the forge. In spite of all this we did not have one infection in the old hospital. I believe this was the best experience one could have despite the inconvience.

I married Edward Ross in 1927. We had a farm near Stoney Lake. We had two children, Audrey, a girl who was deceased in 1939. Emery was one of the smallest babies born in the old hospital in 1928. Edward Ross was deceased in 1965.