Ference, Steve

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by Steve Ference

I was born in 1942 near the hamlet of Armistice located five miles west of Elk Point. I attended the Orvilton school which was about one-quarter mile from our house. I went to school there until 1952. In 1952, I started going to Elk Point by bus. I quit school in 1957 to work on my father's farm. I worked on my father's farm until 1961.

In August of 1960, I met Olga Capp from Ashmont and on July 29, 1961 we were married. I bought a farm seven and a half miles from Elk Point and started farming on my own. On July 19, 1962 our first son, David, was born. On July 5, 1963 Lawrence was born, on June 27, 1964 our daughter Annette was born and on January 5, 1966, Allan was born. They are all attending school in Elk Point.

At present, we are running a family farm and construction business.



BACK ROW, Left to Right: David, Olga

FRONT ROW Allan, Steve, Annette, Lawrence