Bergstom Waldemar

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by Angus McLean

Waldemar Bergstrom arrived in Elk Point in 1914. He homesteaded in the Lake Eliza district and rode his horse to Elk Point for supplies. He stopped at a few places on his way to town to see if his neighbors needed supplies. Mrs. Hattie Siler was on his route. One day she asked him to bring a plug of tobacco from town. He told of almost falling off his horse when he gave the tobacco to her and she took a jack knife from her apron pocket, cut off a corner and popped it into her mouth. He had never seen a woman chew tobacco before.

He married May Chamberlain in 1918. Their issue:Margaret, born Sept. 21, 1919; Berthe, born July 21,1921;James William, born June 2, 1923; and Eunice Ilene, bornMarch 10, 1933.

Waldemar, known to all as 'Bergstrom', passed away July 15, 1958, in Sacramento, California. He was a carpenter who built many grain elevators, etc. in this area. May Chamberlain Bergstrom is still living