Yewchin, Peter


by John Peter Yewchin

On March 2, 1917, a son, christened, Peter John Jewczy (Yewchin), was born to Anna and Dmytro Jewczy (Yewchin).

My father's life began in the district of Northern Valley where he, along with his brother and four sisters, grew up. As a child, he attended King George School until he was old enough to work on the farm. Begrudgingly, he quit school to work along side his father. During winter months, much time was spent on Moose Mountain, lumbering: logs, fence-posts and timber. During the summer, however, Peter made time for playing ball: a sport that he dearly loved. He also played a mean banjo, and with little persuasion, he and the other orchestra members would play all night for weddings and country dances.

In December of 1941, hardships on the farm increased with the death of his father, Peter was left the man of the house. Peter took over the farm and cared for his mother.


Peter Yewchin, farming.

In February of 1947, happiness was celebrated with his marriage to Erma Roman. They continued to farm on the homestead, while Peter became employed with the Hayward Lumber Company in Elk Point. On July 22, 1947, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Judy Ann. It was shortly after, that Peter moved his young family, along with his mother into the town of Elk Point. On August 27, 1948, a son, John Peter was born, followed by Robert Donald on May 17, 1953.

Peter worked for Hayward Lumber and became the manager when the Beaver Lumber Company purchased the business. His motto was ''Service Comes First'' and it was not long before many people came to know this.

He became a very active citizen of the community, for he genuinely loved to work with people. Among the many clubs and organizations that he belonged to, he was especially interested in the Curling Club, the Golf Club, the Chamber of Commerce and B.P.O.E.

In addition, he served as the town Fire Chief for many years. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, and was always anxious to be ready and waiting when the season opened.

In the fall of 1969, he took up the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the town of Elk Point, his last post.

Although Dad was not a very tall man at 5'8", I remember him as being a yery BIG person, he was a patient teacher to us, his children; a dedicated man to his work; and one who taught us respect and love for our fellow human beings. Both Mom and Dad lacked in formal education, but they saw education as a goal in life for their children, and they worked hard to accomplish it.We have this and many other things to thank them for.

On January31, 1971, Dad passed away at the age of 53 years. It is hoped that through this book, his and many other fine pioneer's memories will be kept alive.

The Yewchin family has since continued to grow:

Judy, a registered nurse, married Anthony Navrot on January 18, 1969. They presently reside in Edmonton with their two children, Rhonda and Kevin.

Robert, an apprenticing electrician, married Cindy Edwards on May 13, 1977; they also have made Edmonton their home.

I married Caroline Elaschuk on May 17, 1975, and together we have set down roots in St. Paul.