Poole, Jess

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Two of Arthur Johnson's near neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Poole, who also came from Minnesota to homestead S.W. 18-57-6-W4. Mr. Poole was an able carpenter, Mrs. Poole was neighborhood midwife and a faithful church worker. It was unfortunate that, though Mr. Johnson and the Pooles lived close, they were not close friends, and their squabbles enlivened the neighborhood -- if not their own lives!

Mr. Poole's well-known temper was usually Arthur's undoing! For example, Jess was helping Arthur hand dig a well. Their difference grew so great that Jess, after pulling up the ladder, took off for home, leaving Arthur still in the well! Fortunately for Arthur, Mrs. Poole walked over and let down the ladder so Arthur could emerge -- but angry!

At another of their differences, Arthur was about to climb into the wagon box, in which Jess was standing. To prevent it, Jess swung the scoop shovel, cutting Arthur smartly across the bridge of the nose, leaving a permanent scar.

After Mrs. Poole's death, Jess' sight failed, and he was forced to go to a Home in Edmonton.