McAleese, James

MR. AND MRS. JAMES McALEESE1reftext77_187.gif

by Kathleen McAleese

Margaret Louden and James McAleese were married in Plains Church, County Antrim, Ireland, in 1909. They came to Canada in 1926 with the C.N.R. settlers, and took land in the Clandonald district. They had six children born in Ireland (Patrick, Samuel, Mary, Gerard, Elizabeth, and Frederick.) Three more were born in Canada. (Bertha, Joseph, and Anthony.) In 1934 the family moved to Elk Point district, where they lived for two years before moving to Edmonton. Mr. McAleese was a stone mason and built many stone fences, retaining walls, and houses, still standing along the river bank in Edmonton. In the 1940's they moved to Vancouver. Mr. McAleese died in May, 1960. Mrs. McAleese lives in a Senior Citizens' Home in Cloverdale, B.C. Two of the sons, Gerry and Fred, married and raised their family in the Elk Point district.


Mr. and Mrs. James McAleese displaying their beautiful flowers.


Fiftieth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. McAleese, 1959.

BACK ROW: Fred, Tony, Joe, Gerry.

FRONT ROW: Elizabeth, Mrs. McAleese, Mr. McAleese, Mary, Bertha