Mina Giebelhaus “Days Gone By”

Mina Giebelhaus has dedicated her writings of “Days Gone By” to her grandchildren. She presented her booklet to her grandchildren attending her 90th birthday celebration held in Edmonton on May 4, 2002. For many years, Mina’s family encouraged her to do some writing about herself. To attract her attention to writing, special hard-covered books with lined pages were given to her on special occasions such as Christmas or on her birthday. It wasn’t until February 2002, after she had moved to the Elk Point Heritage Lodge, that one of these books was located and ‘stories of her’ life were found written within. A poem was also written on the last page of this book. Writing poems was an interest she had and she would write one on the spur of the moment when she had a special thought in mind. Other poems were located in her safekeeping and are included in this booklet. The booklet was published by the Elk Point Historical Society in 2002 with a lot of work by Ron Onusko.

You can download the book to read here.