Unusual Incidents

One day when Mr. J.B. Caskey was coming from Vermillion, he lost his mail bag near the river, where Lindbergh is now situated. Mrs. Caskey set out to recover the bag. When she came to the place where Mr. Caskey told her he had lost the mail, Mrs. Caskey, herself became lost. The Indians helped her to get back on the trail. Mrs. Caskey also had a narrow escape where she toppled over the river bank with a horse and buggy. The drop was over 100 feet. Fortunately no one was hurt.

One time at the Hopkins Ferry two men who had. been drinking "moonshine" met one of their friends. They gave him a bottle with a mark on it. They told him that if he drank past the mark, they would hang him by a rope. The man thinking it was a joke, drank the liquor. Much to his surprise, the two men strung him up to the cable tower. Fortunately a man passing by noticed him and cut the rope to set the man free.

As many of you have probably heard that Elk Point was famous for its liquor. It so happened that one man found out that some was kept in the Creamery. Thinking that he would "pull a fast one" on his friends who kept the liquor there, he went to the Creamery to drink all of it. Unfortunately he took the wrong jug and had a good "swig" of Sulphuric acid instead.