Peterson, Roy

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Ross Peterson of Danish extraction, was married to Mary Mausolf, of German extraction. This couple had eight children -- Amelia, Carl, Roy, Martha, Nettie, John, Marion, and Louise. The parents died in northern Minnesota. Amelia, the oldest girl, kept the children together.

Roy, hearing of land for homesteads in Alberta, sold their 40 acres to an older brother, and immigrated in 1913 to Warspite, then known as Pine Creek. He brought two horses in foal and two cows in calf. They came to Bruderheim by train, then by team and wagon to Warspite. Roy built a log house. An aunt from Idaho sent clothes and magazines. Roy and neighbors organized the first school. Marian started at the age of nine.

When Flanders moved to Elk Point, sister Nettie wrote to Marion and asked her to come to help. Later Marion worked in the Caskey Hotel. Here she met Harold Smith, whom she married in October, 1928.

Roy Peterson moved to the Elk Point district, where he purchased S.W. 12-57-W4. In 1932 Roy married Ella Pinder. They had three daughters and one son here. In the mid-40's they moved to B.C., to continue farming there.

Harold and Marion had four children -- Bud, Gerald, Roy and Neil. They have now retired and are residing in Elk Point. Harold passed away in March of 1977.