Hougland, Mel

THE HOUGLAND STORY 1reftext77_85.gif

by Mel

My father and I came from Norway in 1910 to the Spring Park area. My two brothers came to Montana and later to Spring Park.

Father and each one of us boys took two homesteads. We built a small log house on N.W. -24-57-6 and lived there until a larger one could be built. We had three other homesteads E-l/2-7-57-5, S.W.-18-57-5, and W 1/2-8-57-5. Our land, was brushed with an axe and broke up with oxen and a walking plough or later a larger plough. The grain was cut with a scythe and tied in bundles. It was then hammered out with sticks. Our closest grocery store was at Vermilion. We took wheat to Vermilion with team and wagon or sleigh to get flour made. In winter we crossed the river on the ice but in summer had to cross the Hopkins ferry as there was no ferry at Elk Point yet.

In 1927 or '28 I got my first threshing outfit which was a steamer. I did custom threshing with four teams and racks.

My father has passed away as have both my brothers. I married a widow (Mrs. Franks) and am living at Fort Saskatchewan. Our home place was eventually sold to Nick Myshaniuk who still lives there with his son John