F.G. Miller

Dr F.G. Miller

by Marvin Bjornstad

Dr F.G. Miller was an active community member working within the United Church, the School Board and the Lodge in addition to his busy medical practice centered in Elk Point but that stretched to from St Paul to Cold Lake to Frog Lake to Isley to Vermilion.

He did, during his long years, find time to write and a number of his writings are available here. His autobiography A Pioneer Doctor: Elk Point's F.G. Miller is available from our store in paper or by pdf. His early McGill essay A Homesteading Proposition is available here. His letters home in WWI are in production.

FG's interviews with early Elk Point Pioneers are now available as Elk Point Homesteaders at several locations around Elk Point or through our book sales on this website. All the text is his and the historical society has added some photographs in appropriate locations and about 16 detailed maps of homestead locations. Enjoy!