Harry L Day Series 1 - Fort Simpson 1907 - 1909

SERIES 1. PHOTONEGATIVES - FORT SIMPSON, [1907-1909].  14 items. 0001 to 0014.

Images of Fort Simpson include St. David's Anglican church, interior and exterior, the mission, and Hudson's Bay Company buildings. Includes photographs of the Days and Agnes Cameron, and one by H.W. Jones.


Item No.                                                  Description

0001    Day's garden F[ort] Simpson. [Mr. and Mrs. Day in their garden.]



0002    Alice [i.e. Agnes] Cameron [with] Days.  [One other man in photograph is unidentified.]



0003    H.L.D.  (Mr. and Mrs. Day in front of St. David's Anglican church in Fort Simpson.]



0004    In our skins, taken in January.  What do you think of the dogs[?] leader, Spring, Rex, [Skit?], and [Belfour?]. H.L.D. [Mr. and Mrs. Day with dogs and sled.]



0005    H.L.D. "Photo by H.W. JONES, Hay River, Gt' Slave Lake N.W.T." [Anglican Church and Mission buildings at Fort Simpson.].



0006    (The writing on the back of this print was positioned to show the location of the buildings referred to, on the reverse.] A good photo showing supply of wood.  School house-carpenter shop. [building on right] Mission house. [middle] Winter walk down here "x". Patsi killed a black wolf.  (This photograph is a duplicate of item 00Q5.]



0007    Mission House.  Snow we get in the north.  H.L.D.  [Fort Simpson Mission House.]



0008    The house [Fort Simpson Mission House], no walk showing for three months.  [This photograph is a duplicate of item 0007.]



0009    Interior of St. David's. Organ not showing.



0010    [Interior of St. David's Anglican Church, Fort Simpson.] H.L.D.



0011    Fort Simpson church with house in winter--best. buildings in the north. From Mr. Christie, a late member.

Not Available

0012    [Hudson's Bay Company buildings at Fort Simpson.  View from behind looking towards river, stockade fence, grave in foreground.]  [this note supplied by Barb Tsetso.]



0013    Fort Simpson taken with Northern Lights shining.  H.B.Co's [illegible.]  [Post Card]  [Hudson's Bay Co. buildings, taken just in front of stockade fence looking toward river.]  [this note supplied by Barb Tsetso.]



0014    H.B.C. Fort Simpson, N.W.T. M.X. [H.B.Co. guest house at Fort Simpson, with a crowd of people lined up in front of the building and on the balcony.