Pioneer Settlement

Pioneer Settlement of the Elk Point area began just after the turn of the century. It was slow at first with some homesteaders who were leaving the NWMP or the army. It speeded up in the early twenties because the CNR was building a railway. Elk Point was rumored to be the new divisional point for the line running to North Battleford, the one time capital. The railway arrived in 1927 bringing with it a flurry of activity but it only went as far as Heinsburg. In the early 30's another rush of settlers who had dried out in the south of the province happened. The next groups arrived in the 1940's after the end of the war.

We have divided the website family histories into these groups:

  the early homesteaders (before 1920)
  the rush of Railway (during the 1920's)
  the depression years (during the 1930's)
  during the war and after (during the 1940's)
  the building years (during the 1950s)
  during the 1960's

If you choose to just go to an alphabetical index each of the names of early pioneers is listed in the index.


We hope you find lots of interesting informations on these times and we will be adding more as we get it