Field, Grant

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by Myrtle Field

Grant was born in Apple River, Cumberland County, near Truro, Nova Scotia, December 6, 1899. His family moved to Bowden in 1913, and he completed his schooling there. Grant lived on a farm and worked hard to keep his Mother, two brothers and three sisters because his father had been ill for several years. After he passed away all the responsibility rested on Grant's young shoulders. As the family grew up and left home, and with only his Mother and young sister left they decided to give up farming in 1927.

During the next period Grant spent two years in the lumber business at Wide Water and Kinuso in the Peace River country. In September 1927 Grant started as helper in the elevator in Sibbald. He took over his first elevator at Esther in January 1928. A year later he was moved to a larger village, Sedalia where he met Myrtle Dahl whom he married in June 1930.

In 1933 Grant was sent to Cereal. It seemed wherever there was trouble he was sent to straighten things out. Three years later Grant was sent to Elk Point, as the Pool agent there had been shot accidently and Grant had to move at once. I, Myrtle, followed three weeks later. We were in Elk Point from July 1936 until December 1939, three years.

Grant left the grain business for awhile to take over a garage for his brother-in-law in Rimby, while he attended courses in preparation for the army. We stayed only six months as it did not work out. Grant checked in as agent at Bowden July 1940, and he stayed there until his retirement in 1965. Grant was agent for the Alberta Wheat Pool for thirty-eight years, and relief agent for two years making a total of forty years in all.

We had two children, Leroy and Maxine. Leroy is a petroleum engineer and he is manager in the drilling field for Amoco Co. an American firm. He is married and lives in Calgary. They have twin daughters seventeen years old.


Mr. and Mrs. Grant Fields 1940


   Grant Field's retirement picture, 1965.

Maxine and family live in Calgary. Her husband is an insurance adjuster and has his own company. They have three children, two girls eighteen and seventeen and one boy, sixteen. Maxine is a registered nurse and is one of the supervisors at the Auxiliary Hospital and Nursing Home combined in Calgary.

In 1968 and 1969 we decided to get away from the Alberta winters and we came to Victoria for two winters liked it so well, that we decided to manage an apartment block which we enjoyed very much. After a full season we knew this was to be our home, therefore Grant went back to Bowden to sell our home. I managed the apartment alone three weeks. We managed apartments for three years, we bought our own suite in a condominium in December 1972.

We did a great deal of travelling for two years, until Grant's death in September 1974.