Photos of Life in the 1920s

LIFE IN THE 1920's

Dr. F. G. Miller in buffalo coat off on a call, in his cutter with team Hans and Fritz.

Oscar Holthe digging a well the hard way - by hand!

A good catch, from Moose Creek.

Three in centre: Mrs. Lorentzen, Pearl, Rev. Lorentzen, 1920.

The Ed Scotts, from Gleichen to Elk Point by Sleigh, December 1925, in 15 days

1917 - Dad (Mr. Markstad), Esther, Hattie, Grandma, Ila, having a picnic.

Ed Scott’s steam engine outfit, 1927

By "goat-cart" Lulu and Larry Garneau.

"Cowboy" Lloyd Lambright in the late 1920’s.