Young Peoples Club

The Elk Point Young People's Club was organized in September 1947 by Rev. Blackmore. The executive consists of Vern Raham, President; Doreen Lindquist, Secretary-treasurer; Gertrude Keck as Vice-president. During the first week in October, 1947, the Young People's Club under their leader, Rev. Blackmore, attended a Young People's Cavalcade at Vegreville.


The First Boy Scouts started with a Lone Scout Patrol in March, 1926. This was a group of Junior Scouts under their Leader or Senior Sixer J. Jacobson. The First Elk Point Troop was organized in January, 1928 and their first Scoutmaster was Rev. R. J. Smith of the United Church. Their Patrol Leaders were Mr. J. Jacobson and Mr. J. Miller. Mr. Jacobson was an Assistant Scoutmaster in 1930 and in 1935 was second Scoutmaster. Twelve Scouts attended the Baden-Powell Rally in Edmonton in April 1935. The present Scoutmaster is Mr. J. Jacobson and Sydney Kates is the Troop Leader. The Troop Headquarters have been at the United Church from 1928 to 1946. At Present the Headquarters are at the Legion hall.

The group committee consists of the following; Dr. A Wiegerinck, President; Mr. A. Hain, Vice-president; Mr. N. Fenton, Secretary; the other members are Mrs. F. Keitges, Mrs. L. Edwards, Mrs. L. Sumpton, and Mr. A. Raham. The Scouts held a successful Valentine Dance on February 14, 1948.


The Captain of the Elk Point Girl Guides is Mrs. L. Sumpton. Mrs. L. Blackmore is the lieutenant. The Guides have the same Group Committee as the Scouts.

Wolf Cubs

The Wolf Cubs are now under the leadership of Vern Raham, who took over the leadership from Mrs C. Boos in 1947. The Cubs attended the "Sixer's Chin Wag" on November 23, 1947, at Edmonton.


The Brownies are under the leadership of Mrs. McDonell who is the Tawny Owl. The Brownies recently held a Tea at the home of Mrs. E. MoDonell on April 24, 1948. Miss Marion Johnson is the Brown Owl.

Sunday School

The Sunday School is headed by Dr. F.G. Miller, who is the Superintendent. The Sunday School Classes are held at the United Church with classes beginning at 11 o'clock and ending at 12 noon. The teachers are: Miss Gertrude Keck, beginners, Mrs. C.A. Johnson, primary, Mrs. L. Blackmore, juniors, Mrs. N.B. Sumpton, intermediate, and Rev. W.N. Blackmore, juniors.

Elk Point Hi-School Student's Union.

The executive during the 1947-48 spring term were as follows: Eugene Dembicki, president, Lillian Miller, secretary, Margaret Holliday vice-president, Andrew Borutski, Treasurer. The previous term's executive were: Vern Raham, President, Marion Johnson, vice-president, Grace Miller, secretary, and Sydney Kates, treasurer.

On the last Thursday of Each School Month a social function is held. The Social Committee, which plans there functions has so far planned to hold some sort of a last function. It might be a graduation programme. In March 5th, 1948 the Hi-School Students Union held a successful Ice Carnival. This was the second annual Ice Carnival sponsored by the Student's Union.

Junior Hi-Student's Union

The executive of the l947-48 spring term consists of Muriel Hain, President; Ann McDonell, Secretary; and Elizabeth Solden, Treasurer. The Junior Hi-School assisted the Senior Hi in presenting the Ice Carnival.

Drama Society

The executive of the Drama Club: consists of Leslie Young, President; Vern Raham, Secretary; and Eugene Dembicki as Treasurer. The Drama society plans to present their annual play on May 28, 1948. It is "Case of Springtime". Some of the plays that were presented in previous years were, "Airman's Forty-Eight," "Florist Shoppe", and "The Wedding".


On March 1, 1947 the first cadet corps No. 214 St. John Ambulance Corps was organized. Dr. F.G. Miller is the Cadet Surgeon, with Mr. J. Jacobson as Cadet Superintendent. Vern Raham is a Cadet Sergeant and Eugene Dembicki and Andrew Borutski are the Corporals. There are twenty-three members in the cadets.

On May 23, 1947, No. 258 Nursing Cadet division was organized. The Officers are Dr. F.G. Miller, Cadet Surgeon. Mrs. L.Sumpton is the Lady Cadet Superintendent. Mrs. L.Blackmore is the Cadet Officer. Muriel Ham, Cadet Sergeant Joan Sumpton, and Jean Norusyk are Cadet Corporals. Mr. Jacobson is the Secretary of the Elk Point St. John Ambulance Centre. The Group Committee for the Cadet Groups is the same as the Group Committee for Scouts and Guides.

On April 22, 23 teams from both Cadet Divisions and from the Elk Point High School were examined by Mr. Bennett of Ottawa, for the Dominion and Provincial First All Trophies. The results of this Examination are not yet available.