Scott, Edmond

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by Mrs. Ada Scott

We came from Gleichen, Alberta, in November, 1925, to Mooswa, Alberta, now named Lindbergh. We first came in a model T Ford.

Ed's brother Vic and wife were already living here. December 26, 1925, the day after Christmas, the four of us went back down to bring horses, machinery and household effects.

We came back by sleigh with a grain wagon box covered with canvas and drove six head of horses, seven in all as one travelled behind. We had a stove and beds and food. We bought feed for horses along the way. It took us fifteen days to make the trip. The only complaint was if the men were without tobacco as the towns were far apart.

When we came back they built a log house. Ed and Vic rigged up an Oldsmobile car motor to saw wood, chop grain and made a small saw mill. Then later they got a steam engine for power, bought a large saw mill and planer and did some sod plowing for many people around the country. We lived in Spring Park at this time. All three of our children were born by then-Roy, Helen and Irvin. They went to Spring Park School.

Ed had a blacksmith shop in Lindbergh and helped build the railroad. In 1945 we moved to St. Paul. Ed worked for St. Paul Foundry for four years. Then we came to Elk Point in 1948 where Ed had his own Sheet Metal Shop. It was named E. and R. Sheet Metal Shop. He and son Roy installed furnaces, did plumbing and many other jobs.

We build our own home in the east end of Elk Point and have lived here ever since. Ed was an active member of the Elk Point Legion and I was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Legion.

Ed was in the first World War with the Canadian Railroad Troops, 8th Battalion and served in Belgium and France. After retiring Ed was still quite active until he had a long illness and spent nine months in hospital. On December 24, 1974, he passed away at the age of eighty-one. I sold our home and now live in one of the apartments at Buckingham House which opened in 1976. I moved on June 1St. I have thirteen grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.