Springsteel, Arly

ARLY SPRINGSTEEL1reftext77_149.gif

by W. Wenzel

Arly Springsteel was the most colorful character, and the most powerful man, that I have ever met. In haying time he used a four-tine fork with a steel handle. He could take an entire cock of hay with one sweep and throw it in the rack. He had only one arm and weighed 360 pounds.

He would come over and spear fish in the creek that ran through the Coran farm. I've seen him throw a fish spear twenty feet and drill the fish right through the middle. It was unbelievable the strength he had in that right arm. He could take a 50 pound weight and hold it straight out.

He sawed wood in the winter; had a real good saw-rig. All he wore on his hand was a leather mitt. He would stand and push that handle all day at 30 or 40 below and never seemed to get cold. He could also take a pocket watch all apart and repair it with that one big hand.2oorp22_6.gif